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More Code!


How to change the system cursors!


How to get information on the cpu!


How to make all text in a string lowercase!


How to make all text in a string uppercase!


How to flash a window!


How to get your windows temp directory!


How to get os information!


How to get your windows system directory!


How to get your windows directory!


How to check the windows boot manner!


How to check the drive type!


How to get the windows about box!


How to hide the windows start button, taskbar and desktop!
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To paste the code press control + v
How to make custom tooltips for any control!

How to Set Transparency Level of Windows Taksbar! (Windows 2000)
Message-Input-Login Box Pro

Powerful skinable control. It includes Message Box, Input Box, and Login Box. All of them are completely customizable and skinable. Select from 20 skins, or create your own. Enhance your program with this powerful control. It is a good replacement of standard msgbox, and inputbox functions!

How to Enable/Disable Regedit With 8 lines Of Code(NO API Calls) (Restrict Registry Editing)


How to Customize Open/Save Common Dialogs

Replaces the common start buttton, with a new one that you can change the text and if you want it moves each time when you click it. If you want change the text just do a right click on it!
Visual Basic Zone
Gives you the ability to write your own CD-Writer software!!!!

Paint Application with many Effects and Filters

MP3 Player w/Multiple Color Schemes, Playlist, Volume/Balance Control and More

The Advanced WinAPI class is an indispensable tool for any programmer. This class has a large no. of functions useful in everyday programming. For example, this Class has functions to Find Files in folders, all the operations with Registry, Disk Space and Volume information, Play Audio CD's-Movies-AVI's, Extract Icons from EXE Files, Change the ToolBar Style like Internet Explorer, Enable Hotkeys for your Apps, Hide or show a Window, Make a window Transparent, Set the Desktop Wallpaper, Show or Set the Computer Name, Show Recycle Bin, Detect Sound Card, Set system Work Area, Show or Hide the Mouse, Change or Retrieve the Mouse Position, Enable Menu Bitmaps, Have your program's own Icon in tray which act as a quick access to your program, Open a website, Start the screensaver , Enable Autorun for a range of drives of your choice, Clear the Document List in Start menu or add an Item to it, Show or Hide the Windows TaskBar, Delay your program for a specified no. of seconds or minutes, Disable or Enable Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Shutdown, Restart or Log Off Windows and much, much more!!. I can guarantee that this class will be very useful to you whatever is your experience level. More API's will be included as soon as osible. Enjoy VB Programming!!!.

Visual Menu Editor

The Visual Menu Editor gives Visual Basic developers a graphical menu design environment comparable to the menu editors available for users of products such as Microsoft Visual C++ and Borland's Delphi.

Common Dialog Places Editor

The Common Dialog Places Editor allows you to customize the appearance of the 'Places Bar' in the Open and Save common dialogs on Microsoft Windows® 2000.

This program reads an e-mail out loud on your speaker. Pretty Good.

A visual basic Hex Editor

A Kazaa Client made in vb. Good Code!!!
Use the Kazaa files without the ads.

The Matrix Screen Saver

Scans a network or Internet to detect open shared drives.This tool is designed for securing your own computing resources
By: Timothy Cain

Trace Route

Make a message box with an icon or an animated con

Add an option button and menu pictures to a menu

Automated Payroll System
Trigonometrical Function Graphing Application. This program has lots of features that can help you understanding trigometric functions