Html A quick Lesson!
To start coding in html the quickest way to begin is open notepad. By going to start -> run and type notepad.exe for windows computers.


This means to begin html!. Then type


This is the area where you put the title of the page and meta tags.

<Title>Your Title Goes Here</Title>

This is the title of your web page Then put


This tells you to end the head tag!  You be see my now that everything goes in pairs like begin <head> and end </head> Now lets get on with the text tags.

<p>This is my first WebPage!</p>

This creates the text that says "This is my first WebPage!"
If you want to center the text all you need to do is put the <center> tag around the text like this!

<center><p>This is my first WebPage!</p> </center>

You may also want to align your text to the right or left here is how you do it!

<p align="left">Makes text go the left!</p>

<p align="right">Makes Text to the right</p>

These  examples show how to align the text!

Now lets say you want to make the text bold all you need do is put the <strong> tag around it like this!

<center><strong><p>This is my first WebPage!</p></strong> </center>

You say you want your text to be a different size and font no problem!

<p><font size="6" face="Arial">Test Font and Size!</font></p>

Now lets look at the code font size="6"  that means to make the font size six then it has face="Arial" that means to make the text font Arial!  Remember to always end the font with end </font>

Next lets look at the backround and the text of the page here is a sample

<body bgcolor="black" text="red">

This says to to make the backround black and the text red you can put in your own colors if you want!

Now you may say I want an image for the backround this pretty easy

<body background=""
bgcolor="black" text="red">

All you do is just add the code and the url of the picture file!

You may say that want sound on your page remeber that head tag where coming back to it I want to add this line in red but change the url!

<Title>Your Title Goes Here</Title>


This is how you add Images to your page!

width="47" height="37"></p>

This code tells where the location of and image is and the width and hieght remember you can center by putting the <center> tag before it!

Now lets get on to links!

<p><a href="">Vist My Web Site</a></p>

To make and image link!

<p><a href=""><img
border="0" width="47" height="37"></a></p>

You can see all you add is the link code before the image!

One more thing how to make Scrolling Marquees!


Just Change Hello to what ever you want!

When you see it on page you will see Vist My Website and when you lick on you go to that website!

When you are done with your Html just put the end </html> tag and save the file as yourfilename.html


In the future I will add more things to this guide. Maybe forms, tables, css and other cool information.

If you thought this was helpful you can email me and if you need help with Java Script you can vist my website at