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Project Log!
27:23 AM 12/23/01 Added npcs that move! Fixed general store and horse ranch bugs.
Fixed clear screen bug.  Added another map working on coding quests!

6:41 PM 12/22/01 If you bump into monsters while in stealth you will now be taken out of stealth.
Fixed drink water bug.

1:16 PM 12/22/01           Fixed store bugs. Fixed a drop bug where it would drop unarmed.
Fixed boss bug.  Coded more weapons.

10:30 AM 12/22/01 Added boss for the Forest Temple!

9:51 AM 12/22/01 You can now sell some items at the stores! Fixed plant seeds bug and
fixed another harvest bug! Fixed cut down tree bug.

8:21 AM 12/22/01 Some monsters will now use stealth like the stalker.

5:35 PM 12/19/01 Fixed a bug when you press a key to soon when the game loads.
Fixed Harvest bug.

4:54 PM 12/18/01 Fixed a bug monsters no longer follow you when they are dead.
Added Guard mode so you can guard areas!

5:27 PM 12/16/01  Fixed invisible monster attacking bugs. Added cheats for the Contest

8:56 AM 12/16/01 You can now attack monsters using spells!

8:19 AM 12/16/01 You can now rasie weapon skills by using them in combat!  Working on spells now!

4:52 PM 12/13/01  Skills like melee, magic defense, and stealth can be raised by using them now!

4:21 PM 12/12/01  All monsters now attack either using melee, spells, or both!  Fixed a couple of bugs.
Working on adding differenet  monsters for the game

7:05 PM 12/11/01 Added /heal and /revive spells finally!

6:09 PM 12/11/01 You can now evade monster attacks and fixed many monster bugs.
I also fixed a stealth bug.

7:33 AM 12/11/01 The monsters will now follow you when they are attacking you!
Improved monster moving toward you!  Working on more monster attacks now!

7:51 PM 12/10/01 Monsters will now only cast if they have enough mana and their mana now gets
restored over time.  You  can scan for monsters in stealth and monsters will scan for you in stealth.

7:24 PM 12/10/01 Monsters now cast spells. I am still adding more monster attacks! 

6:28 PM 12/10/01 I am coding stealth And I have been working on adavanced  Monster AI

6:26 PM 12/6/01 Finished the 1st Boss Level.  Added fish pics.  All items can now be droped!
Fixed a couple bugs with dropping items!  I found out something cool that I can do I can stack items
and you pick up all the items in the stack at one time! This gives me an idea for treasure chests!
Fixed a way to duplicate items when you drop them.

6:06 PM 12/5/01 Added a new feature called Center Character it will help a lot in the dungeons.
It only centers  the character if it can!

7:27 PM 12/4/01 I am on a roll!  I fixed another bug now the popupmenu appears faster and
it gives you the correct choices and fixes errors!  Also fixed up the interface!

7:00 PM 12/4/01  Finally got the full night and day system workings.  You will see
the screen get darker as it gets later in the day and you will see it get lighter as morning
comes closer!

5:10 PM 12/4/01 Fixed another bug! now the game shows the entire map and i am working
on.  Adding some more cool things for the VB Contest!

6:56 PM 12/3/01  Fixed some  bugs in the world and added some cool form transtations!

7:28 PM 12/2/01 I fixed a major bug!  The bug used to allow people to go through buildings when
the map scrolled!

9:17 AM 12/2/01  I have been fixing bugs and seting up quests for the VB Contest.

4:28 PM 11/26/01 Cool News Instead of using a different tileset for night tiles.  I can now use
some code to change light to dark and you will see the map get darker or lighter as the day goes on!

6:31 PM 11/20/01 I am testing how many players I can have in the world at one time.
So far i have tired 10 people in the world at once.  I hope that i can get at least 50.
The game is coded to handle a 100 people.

7:27 PM 11/19/01 Finally figured out how to add those cool health meters like in Rpg World Online.
If you close it the new health meter.  You can get it back by  typing /showstats

4:11 PM 11/18/01 I redid the way you talk to npc's.  It is now a whole lot cooler!  You can ask them questions
and they will respond and i made a nice chat window for it too!

8:42 AM 11/18/01 Updated the server a little bit and other things.

4:52 PM 11/17/01  I can now change item prices from the server"

1:54 PM 11/9/01  All monsters now show dead bodys!

7:17 PM 11/6/01 Snow added as a weather effect!!!

4:35 PM 11/6/01 I have reduced the exe size by another 150kb! Still optimizing code and coding more items!

5:06 PM 11/5/01 Coded 40 more items!  Reduced the size of the exe! Improving Code!

11:09 AM 11/4/01 I have coded more items using the new interface hope to have it completly finished soon!

8:18 AM 11/4/01 Worked more on the server side adding features that will help me!

3:21 PM 11/3/01 You can now choose how much life,stamina,mana,strength,dex,quick,intel, and
wisdom at the character creation screen!

7:59 PM 10/30/01 Got the realtime stats 100% working yeah!!!!!!!!

6:27 PM 10/30/01  Fixed many of the bugs in the realtime player stats

8:00 PM 10/29/01 Worked on realtime player stats on the web site.  So you can look up other players
and see there stats!.   It works like this you go to main index of accounts. Then you click on the player's
account.  You then go to a page and see their characters.  You can then click on the character and see
all their stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:30 PM 10/29/01 Working on improving the interface!

8:02 PM 10/21/01 I plan to allow people to ask npc's questions and the npc's will respond!

8:07 AM 10/21/01 Worked on allowing people to equip shoes, pants, helments, sheilds, armor, and swords

7:05 PM 10/15/01 Added more admin options on the client. Like money=x mana=x health=x stamina=x skill=x etc

6:29 PM 10/11/01 Working on adding animating tiles to the map editor

6:59 PM 10/9/01 I can now control the weather from the server! Like night and day, snow and rain.  I can
now make me admins from the server and i can send messages to certain people now using my new tell event.
Look for using tell soon in the game to send secert messages.

3:33 PM 10/8/01 Added Sluppy Store!  You can also buy camals and chickens from the horse ranch!

3:56 PM 10/7/01 I can now put people into jail and muzzle them!  Level 50 Player's can own horses.
Working a self sustanied economy.

4:32 PM 10/6/01 I can now warp players around the screen!  I can warp players to the begining

3:05 PM 10/6/01 Fixed a lot of the server code. Fixed the create account bug.

5:20 PM 10/5/01  Added 15 New Items to use!

7:20 PM 10/4/01  Added Single Player Mode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:02 PM 10/4/01  I can now kill players if i want too!  Also did alot of work on the server code!

7:43 PM 10/1/01  Started on code that make npc's walk around like chicken that moves around on
a farm.

6:36 PM 10/1/01  You can now drop items on the screen!

8:19 PM 9/27/01  You can  now  pick up items!  Still working on adding them to your inventory.  Also
I am working on allowing the use  of  more than one tile set for  a map.

7:41 PM 9/25/01  Added more npc's!!!  Worked on the first temple.  Fixed many bugs.

5:53 PM 9/23/01  Added the first dungeon called the forest temple!  Also added a lot more item's and npc's.
I also got more idea's for story.

6:28 PM 9/22/01  You can now add items to the map i am working on picking them up now

6:43 PM 9/20/01  Worked on  improving the autoupdater.

5:59 PM 9/20/01  Working on adding technologies and added more skills!

7:51 PM 9/12/01 Added 10 more weapons!  Did more work on capture the flag!

5:02 PM 9/10/01  Added Food Item's!  like pizza, burger, ice cream, mushroom, chicken. pepper and more
I am also working on the world's first game called capture the flag!

6:19 PM 9/9/01 Added many new weapon's!!! That you can use also added loading monster's!
30+ new weapon's to use!!!! Added Potions to use!  Added loading of Npc's  With saving and loading of
monster's and npc's i can do dungens, bosses, built in quests and huge battles!!!!

5:03 PM 8/28/01  You can now talk to npc's!!!!!   Also added a lot more scripting functions!!

12:23 PM 8/27/01  Added Npc'c!!!!!!!!!!

7:21 AM 8/24/01  Added more spells that you can use and fixed some bugs.

11:34 AM 8/23/01  Major news!! I redid the way i add monsters to map!  This allows me to add
as many monsters that i need! 

11:34 AM 8/21/01  Monsters will now reappear after a while!

12:34 PM 8/20/01 Updated the server! And added mod support to Project X Online!  Added Scripting
Also made a development kit for Project X Online so you can design your own rpg!

8:13 PM 8/12/01 Updated the server code! I can now edit players stats and graphics from the server!

6:10 PM 8/12/01           Added the abilty to sell your items and added the food store and general store!
You can also harvest and plant seeds now!

12:32 PM 8/11/01 Added the abilty to cut down trees! Charecters and Charecter Stats are now saved
to the server! Working of Building Tiles and i fixed a couple of bugs!

7:41 AM 8/11/01 Adding the abilty to fish for food and added the /fish command to tell you how
many of each fish you have! Added many new charecters that you can be! You can also mine for gold
now!  Gold is located near the chickens! Also added the /die command so you can kill yourself
if you ever get stuck

1:55 PM 8/2/01 Big news!  I got the nonwalkable tiles finally working!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:28 PM 7/31/01 Added saving charecter, Admin cheats, and fixed the movement! Now shows
how many people are in the world!

8:05 PM 7/29/01 Added attribute points!! Fixed some bugs!

11:53 AM 7/22/01 Added /deposit Added /withdraw and /bank . Also added a title when you enter
Added warping! Added more items to the stores.

9:56 PM 7/21/01 Fixed exit client bug.  Add commands like /loan which allows you to borrow money
also added /ip /date /about /kills /deaths /account /burden

5:07 PM 7/21/01 Finished the main world!!!!! Added offline map editor

11:10 AM 7/8/01 You can now level and attack.  You can also die now!
Added more monsters like Lion, Mutant, Undead, Deer, RockMan, Lost Mage and more!

8:57 PM 7/7/01 Chickens were added and fixed some bugs!

9:17 AM 7/7/01 Now you can create your own accounts!

6:31 PM 7/5/01  Made the chat work! added players names!  Improved the server code!
Allows up to 16 people to play at once on one server and i can have multiple servers!
I also got the maps working and will add the monsters soon!

3:49 PM 6/19/01 Added New features Like the what's new