Zelda 64 Game Shark Codes!
D01C84B5 0020 L Button For Moon Jump
811DAA90 40CB

D01C84B5 0030 Hover Boots Last While Holding L & R Buttons
811DB2B2 000D

8011A699 0009 Infinite Small Keys

8011A678 0007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map

8011A64B 0008 Have Ocarina of Time

8011A649 0005 Have Din's Fire (MP6)

8011A64F 000D Have Fairie's Wind (MP6)

8011A655 0013 Have Nayru's Love (MP12)

D011A609 0008 Infinite Magic
8011A60A 0001
8011A60C 0001
8011A603 0060

8111A600 0140 Infinite Energy

8111A5FE 0140 Max Heart

8011A6A1 00FF Skulltulas are Killed

8111A66C 7777 All Equipment

8111A674 30FF  All Status Items
8111A676 FFFF

US Version 1.1

D01C8675 0020 L Button For Moon Jump
811DAC50 40CB

D01C8675 0030 Hover Boots Last While Holding L & R Buttons
811DB472 000D

8011A859 0009 Infinite Small Keys

8011A838 0007 Have Big Key, Compass, & Map

8011A80B 0008 Have Ocarina of Time

8011A809 0005 Have Din's Fire (MP6)

8011A80F 000D Have Fairie's Wind (MP6)

8011A815 0013 Have Nayru's Love (MP12)

D011A7C9 0008 Infinite Magic
8011A7CA 0001
8011A7CC 0001
8011A7C3 0060

8111A7C0 0140 Infinite Energy

8111A7BE 0140 Max Heart

8011A861 00FF Skulltulas are Killed

8111A82C 7777 All Equipment

8111A834 30FF All Status Items
8111A836 FFFF


Zelda Findings

You may recently have heard about all these extra things people have been finding using a Gamshark. There is also something called the BETA quest, whic basically is using old stuff left in from the game. As well as this, we have some other pictures that are obtained by using other Gameshark codes.
If you haven't got a Gameshark, you should get one just to uncover the extra cool stuff hidden away in the game. There are several more things to add, but pictures were not available in time. Maybe we will add them soon.
Thanks goto Cbgfx for the pics and trying out the codes, dodo64 for letting him know about the code and This site which gives the beta code.
All these pictures are 100% real.
New Pictures are down the page.
Heart Piece (Previously Thought as Tri-Force)
This is actually found using the Beta quest GS code. Basically, can you see the weird object selected in the bottom left corner? We said it was the Tri-Force but I just got an email from "Ganondorf54" who says his friend is Japanese and translated it as "Heart Piece" Also note that the text is in Japanese? They must have never got around to translating that to English.

The Fire Medallion
Another beta quest code finds this Fire Medallion. In the early version of the game, you collected medallions after completing temples. Notice this time however, the text is in English. Nintendo must have changed there mind pretty near the end of development for it to be like this. The graphic is a bit distorted though.
The Guards
Another beta quest code here. Look at those guards! They look dodgy. Apparently, you need to use the Moonjump code to access this area (jump over the wall from were Zelda is) and this room is were you and Zelda spot Ganon.
Link & Zelda
Not sure if this is beta quest code or some other code, but here is big Link with little Zelda by his side. Freaky!
Hyrule Market
Again, this shows big Link in Hyrule Market when he should be young. Nothing major....
Kakariko Village
A huge jump for Link here, using the Moonjump code. You can virtually see the whole of Kakariko village here.
Closed Doors
I think this is part of the beta quest again. As you can see, Link has collected all the crystals but the door is still closed!
Under Ice
Yes you can actually go under the Ice using the Gameshark. It's also possible to get under it using the swordless Link trick but thats a different story.

Behind the waterfall
And here is Link behind the water fall in Zora's domain. Nothing here though...

22 Hearts
Normally you can only get 20 hearts in the game. But by using the Gameshark you can have more! Check out the 22 Heart picture on the left!

New Pics 28th June
Weird Bomb Bag
Can you see it? That must have been the icon for the bomb bag in an early form. It's amazing at how much stuff actually gets left in by the programmers.

Fight Gohma as Adult
Using another gameshark allows you to play as Adult Link in Kid Links levels. This is pretty cool to do, as long as the game doesn't crash.
Here is adult Link fighting Queen Gohma.

Loads of Hearts
Link hasn't even started and his got all these hearts! Again, only thanks to a special Gameshark code.
Even more hearts!
Here is even more hearts during the game! However having this many is sure to make the game look a bit weird!

Gameshark Code: 8011B9E3  0011 Effect: Lon Lon Ranch with Owl.

1.Enter Kokiri Forest 
2.Enter the house of twins.
3. Now you will be at Lon Lon ranch and the owl will be their. Maybe at one time during pre-production he was there to teach you a secret song?

Gameshark Code:
Beta Quest:   8011B9E3  0072

Cutscene :     D01C84B5  0020
                    8111B9E4   0F0F

Cinema:         8111B936   0001    
Heart M M:
L to Fly: Effect: Reach the SKY TEMPLE!
1.You will be in Temple Of Time. Kill yourself using Bombs.
2.Choose save and Quit. You will be in Hyrule field
3. Quickly fly forward and enter Gerudo Valley. There will be no bridge and the owl will be there.
4.Enter Gerudo Fortress. Then enter the training Ground (?).
5. You should be in Sky Temple. There is no ground and far off there are walls.

Gameshark Code:

Beta Quest:    8011B9E3 0020
Effect: A Beta version of Goron City.
1.Run to Lake Hylia. You are now at Dodongos Cavern.
2.Go through the door that leads out to dead Dodongos mouth and leave the Cavern.
3. You will be in the crater. Go to Fire Temple entrance. Do not enter. Go back to the crater.
4. Leave the crater through the top exit. Goron City will be partly invisible. To see it keep running until you are out of the hall way.
5. Now fly to the room to the room on the top level with the big chests.
6. The chests contain bombs. Now leave the room and you can see Goron City.

Gameshark Code:
Beta Quest:    8011B9E3 0020 Effect: The Light At The End Of The Game

1.Use the Goron City code above to help you. (If that's possible !?).
2. Go to the crater then make it visible (?)
3. Now go to the fairy fountain. Place a bomb in front of it to get in. You will be inside.
4. Leave the fountain. You will be at Hyrule Castle. Go to Market and enter the shooting gallery.
5. Now you will be at the temple of time. The back section will be locked with a blue light to see light again run to the door of time and back again.

Gameshark Code:
Beta Quest:    8011B9E3  0020 Effect: Beta version of Ice Cavern.
1.Enter Zora's river you will be at Jabu Jabu.
2. Fly to the Ice Cavern and you will be in the iron boots room.
3. There is no chest, just a big red ice block. Also ice doors replaced by forest temple doors.
4. Play Bolero Of Fire to return to Hyrule Castle. Talon will be there. You cannot wake him.

Gameshark Code:
Item Code: (See left) Effect: Item code to have loads of weird stuff and of course most of the items.
Explanation:   NOTE: Only for Zelda V1.0
1.Input the below code.
2. Below is the second part of the code which gives you different stuff. Input it separately from Part 1
Code for B Button: 8011A63800xx
Replace xx with
3C: For Master Sword
3D: For Big Goron Sword for Child Link
3B: For Master Sword

Gameshark Codes:
Beta Quest:    8011B9E3 0020
Effect: The below is stuff you can find in the beta quest. Written by OWL 2 couldn't be bothered to change it.
In front of the temple of time you will see a path leading to the on some other Zelda site I saw a pitcher of link behind it so I used my game shark to get on the path so I ran down the path it was solid ! But yet a wall was blocking me from going further I flew over it I could not see link I ran and the game froze. This also happened in Dariunas throne room some thing block the hole so go to top of goron city and fly out the exit instead of going out you will be above goron city now fly above Dariunas room this is possible and enter the Passage 2 times the game froze for me. The cave in zoras domain three ways to get down there 1 when lake hylia is drained fly under ground and enter 2 iron boots as a kid 3 play the diving game right before the timer reaches zero do a back flip in the water you will see a cave you go in it but it doesn't go anywhere it is closed up to get in put invisible hole code at game shark central it is called or something like that the cave doesn't freeze your game like the other 2 it must have been taken out about a 2 years ago this proves they did lead to some thing

Gameshark Codes:
L to fly:
Effect: Now you can explore the haunted wasteland without being returned to the start Explanation
To explore the haunted wasteland simply fly over the invisible walls but do not do it by the carpet man or you will get taken back. It is as big as hyrule field! To stop the sand storm keep running into the invisible walls until link dies then continue and there will be no sand storm!

Gameshark Codes:
Chained Link:    800794A5  000C
Effect: Link gets chained.

I'm not even going to attempt to re-write this one. Try it for yourselves

That is right link gets chained up you can create as many chains as you want you could make a chain stretch from one end of hyrule field to other. And now the code ONLY FOR ZELDA GOLD 800794A5000C THIS take one arrow away how to use take out the your new super mega ultra mythical shot then press THE BUTTON IT IS EQUIP TO a chain should be connected to the super mega ultra mythical shot now take OUT THE FAIRY BOW THEN TAKE OUT THE super mega ultra mythical shot and another chain will be there now 2 chains will be connected to link repeat this to make more.

Gameshark Codes:
Beta Quest:   8011B9E3   0020
Effect: Ride Epona in Beta Quest
1. Just enter code and bada-bing you can ride epona.
2. This works for all versions.

Gameshark Codes:
Item Code:   (See Left) Effect: Another item code this time bigger and better.
1. Just enter the code below
8011A80F  0011
8011A810  000B
8011A80A 0006
8011A80B  0007
8011A813  0003
8011A806  0002
8011A812  000F
8011A80C  000E
8011A80D  000B
8011A809  0059
8011A807  0003
8011A861  0073
8011A822  003D
8011A821  003B
8011A80E  0039
8011A814  003A
8011A808  0038
8011A814  0003
2. This gives you:

Gameshark Codes:
Beta Quest:    8011B9E3   0020
Cutscene :     D01C84B5  0020
              8111B9E4   0F0F

Effect: Walk round in the Nayru Cutscene

1.Enter beta quest code.
2.Run to the entrance to Zora's River. You will appear beside Jabu Jabu.
3.Leave to Zora's Domain. The screen will turn white. Press L.
4.When the cutscene starts quickly press A. Next you will appear at death mountain.
5.Travel to the top and Nayru will be there.

Gameshark Codes:
Beta Quest:    8011B9E3  0011
Cutscene :     D01C84B5  0020
              8111B9E4   0F0F 
Effect: A beta version of Jabu Jabu.

1.Enter Zora's River. When screen goes black keep press L until a cutscene appears.
2.The game will freeze and there will be a strange block in front of Jabu Jabu.
3.Also tektites in the water. He will try to eat link but doesn't succeed so you will have to turn the game off.

Gameshark Codes:
L to fly: Effect: See that desert colossus has a graveyard.
1. Fly under desert colossus area to see gravestones.

Gameshark Codes:
Beta Quest:   8011B9E3   0020

Effect: See a lakleless Lake Hylia
1.Use the Goron City explanation to help you (ABOVE)
2.Go to crater. Now enter fire temple and you will be at Lake Hylia with Invisible Water.
3.Also entrance to zora's domain unfrozen.
Does It Work? Haven't tried it. Don't Know
Gameshark Code:
Tornado Code:   (SEE LEFT) Effect: Looks like a tornado has gone through hyrule.
1.Enter the following code
80025614   0001
80025626   0001
80025619   0001
2. It looks like a tornado in hyrule. Fences all over the place and grottos lead to new places.

Gameshark Code:
Beta Quest:  8011B9E3   0005
Cinema:      811B936     0001
Cutscene :   D01C84B5  0020
            8111B9E4   0F0F
Effect: Ride the brown horse as Kid Link


1.When you start you will be behind a bridge. Push L and a cut scene will start.
2.Wait till it stops and push R then Z. You will now be in control of Link.
3.Walk up to the horse and press A to mount the horse.

Gameshark Codes:
Beta Quest:     8011B9E3 0020
Cinema:         811B9364 0001
Cutscene :     D01C84B5 0020
               8111B9E4   0F0F

Effect: Walk through Farore cutscene.
1. You will start under bridge. Press L to watch scene of Ganon then you will appear in Kokiri Forest.
2. Run to the Deku Tree where a huge model of Faroro will be.
3.This is the cut scene you're walking around in.
4.Whilst beside the deku tree press L and watch the next sequence.
5. You will appear with all 3 goddesses and will appear to be floating.

Use my beta goron city code all the way up to the new crator then make it visebl. Now go to the fairy fontin place a bomb in front to get in it. You will be in a fairy fontin leave you will be at hyrule castle go to the market now enter the shooting galry and you will be at the temple of time enter it you will be locked in with a blue light to see the light again run to the door of time and back !
J50 here. I just wanted to say about the See da light Quest, might that be what Muhumade Buddah was talking about? He claimed to have seen a light coming out of the pedestal of time. i will try this out and bring further info.

BETA QUEST FACTS fact 1 when your sword is out or any item and you jump in the water link will still be holding it in his hand! Fact 2 when icons appear on screen that means you are out of the beta quest! Fact 3 when you dive a strang fog appears! Fact 4 it dosnot matter what vershin you have the code 0000 at the end will work for all vershins! Fact 5 link nows all the songs!

Beta goron city. This is very hard to get to becues it takes soooo long. Put in the Beta Quest code 0020 and start run to lake hyaleia this takes a wile now you will be in dodongos caver next go thru the door that leads out to the dead dodongos mouth leave the cavern you will be in the crator go to the fire temple entrenc do not enter go back to the crator and leave tru the top exit goron city will be partly invisebl too see it go keep running until you are out of the hall way now fly to the room on the top level with the big chests thay have bombs in them now leave the room gorun city you can see

I was changing numbers in the cut scene maker in some of the houses in kokirie forest. And i did somthing to make link turn in to sheik i have the code some where as soon as i find it i will send it. THIS IS TRUE!!!!!!!!
"100,000 Signs, and a Heart Quest"By: Bjwing1
This is strange I found a code that will make weird signs appear in kokiri forest. Now And the code 05C4 and heart peaces the decu trees mouth will be open. The signs are from aroand hyrule and the heart peacs are inviseblto find one go to the canyen were you go to see the decu tree run agenst the wall on the right.

Enter the beta code but instead of 0020 put 0011. Next enter kokiri forest then enter the hous of twins. Now you will be at Lon Lon ranch the owl will be their.
Good find! i will dedicate this Quest to you! The BJwing1 Quest! I tested this out, and yes, it did work! The owl is standing in the center of Lon Lon ranch talking to kid Malon! Llieraly! Epona is sitting next to her (well, not sitting, standing). You can talk to malon, but the owl is silent. He does move his head, but no words of wisdom :-).
More disocveries, that we made in the BJwing1 Quest: Go into the house accross from the House of Twins. You'll be in the room before before you fight King Dodongo. Open the gate and walk in. You'll be in Ghoma's Domain, exit it. You'll be in a room inside Ganon's Castle. Go out the black area (door). Ganon falls before you. Then Zelda comes down. When she talks the game freezes.
I changed the 1 on 11 to 12. Here is what I found: Enter House of Twins to be in Deku Tree. Exit to see a weird color effect. 2. Enter Lon Lon Ranch to be in potion shop, exit to be in Dampe Grave, exit to be in windmill.
I stumbled upon your site 4 days ago. The only Gameshark I owned (for N64, GS Pro for PSX) was a 2.0, and I just sold it for 25 dollars, for money to buy a new one. I planned on buying a new one the next day, so I was looking through some of my favorite pages, gathering useful codes. At Hyrule: The Land of Zelda, I found the 'BETA Quest' code. I saw it came form your site, and rushed there, hoping for more information. I found it...
I got my Gameshark v. 2.21 and popped in a few codes (ie. Moon Jump, BETA quest.). Now, I hadn't copied the last two numbers from a site, knowing I just use.. whatever. I decided 0012 would work, and work it did. Now, before you read on, let me tell you this is _NOT_ a lie saying "I have the Triforce, now watch me lead you on a wild goose chase!". I'd had enough of them. I'm simply going to tell you what I have discovered as of right now in the Sublime Quest (a.k.a. BETA Quest v.0012). Though you claim there are 9 quests, I have found different. There are in fact, more than nine, how many.. I don't have a damn clue. Let me explain...
After exploring 0012 for a day or so, I decided to test out the TLR Law of numbers (it's all about the last number.. right?). I popped in 0112, and there was differences. Not great differences, just differences. It was lighter out, for one. I've made several great discoverys...
I've noticed this: It is IMPOSSIBLE to recieve Epona. The first time I entered Lon Lon, Game Freeze. I turned on the game again, and entered, as normal. I talked to Ingo. I then rode Epona, talked to Ingo, he wanted to race. I say ya, and then... NO! I end up walking into Lon Lon Ranch?? What? I try the same again... but to no avail. I then get a bright idea. Moon Jump! I Moon Jump over the fence (I'm riding Horses for FREE!) and hop on Epona. I then try to jump over the corral fence. Damn, no luck. This is when I give up on Epona... I Moon Jump over the fence to the Overworld. I make my first BIG discovery: Hyrule Field is NORMAL! No darkness, it is as it would be in a regular game! Well... that is a big help, this will separate the glitches from the truth. Next, I head on over to Market...
At Market.. wait! This isn't Market! This is the 1st Potion shop from Kakariko Village as an adult (it is abandoned as Young Link, it has one of the 'Workers' in it talking about thieving)! I think for a second, then leave. I end up in Dampé's tomb. Drat! I leave, Game Freeze. Crap...
Got it back now, and I decide this: Time for Gerudo Valley. I enter, and I start over on the side of the level, not faceing the Bridge... WAIT! THERE IS NO BRIDGE! I look up, Owl hovering, and I cannot talk to him, because he is in the middle of the river, and there is no bridge. As a matter of fact... whenever I get within a 5 inch (OUR inch, no LINK's inch) radius from the river, I fall through the land into the water. I decide I'm not gonna touch this for now, and I head for the Fortress. I arrive, grab the heart piece, and leave. Ohh, and it is impossible to get to the Horseback archery game, the gaurds catch you even on Moon Jump! I head back to the Valley, and NORMAL! No Owl, broken bridge and all. Crap... I exit into Hyrule Field, which is now lit nicely. I Re-enter Gerudo Valley, as before, and it is still normal. My conslusion: After re-visiting a place, it is normal. So, I warp to the Temple of Time (right now, Warping is the safest mode of travel.
The Door of Time is closed, and all 3 Spiritual Stones are in place. I stand infront of the alter, play the Song of Time (w/ the Fairy Ocarina, which then turns into the Ocarina of Time when I play...?) and the door of time opens! YES! KID LINK IS ON HIS WAY! Then... NOOO! The FMV of Link pulling the sword (which isn't in the pedistle... since it's IN MY HANDS) starts.. and freezes. Doh!
I restart and do the exact same. Another freeze! I then take a lunch break and decide to try to get into Ganon's castle. Easy, so I thought. But I made a stupid mistake. Instead of Moon Jumping from a distance, I decide to walk right up to where the rainbow bridge starts, and the FMV of the Rainbow Bridge being formed starts. Game Froze.
Restarting.. dooo dum de do. Then I jump from a distance. I'm now INSIDE GANON'S CASTLE