Current project is Project X Online an online RPG!

Project X Online is a program that allows to make your own online rpg!  Where you design the levels the monsters the charecters and what ever you want! The world is as big as you want it to be!  If you are not interested in making an rpg but playing it you are still in luck  you will be able to play my test world and any worlds that people create!

If you don't have a good online connection you can still play the game in single player mode with tons of quests and a huge world to explore.

The game allows up to 100 people (maybe  more)  to play on a server. It is an experience based game with many player levels and skills. There are tons of monsters and items in the game.  There is also a story if you chose to follow it.

Examples of things that you can do in the game.
Buy items at shops.
Build houses shops or what every you want.
Cut down trees for wood
Plant farms or fish or hunt for food
Battle in huge dungens
Face tons of hard monsters
Play many mini games like the shooting gallery
Make weapons of out of materials you find
Dig for gold or other valuabe minerals

Newest Features Added!

Lights that glow and that are many different shapes and sizes and colors.

Animated tiles!

Tunneling System and Mining System!

Quest Generator

Random Map Generator!

Screen Shots
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Release Date about March - April 2002
This page was last updated on: February 2, 2011
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